why us?

We can help guide you through the maze that is business development

Books not up to date?

  • Cloud accounting utilises real time data downloaded from your bank
  • Real time savings in data processing
  • Accuracy guaranteed

Payroll time pressure?

  • One stop shop for processing your payroll and deposits to staff accounts
  • Savings in managing tax office compliance requirements
  • Ease of managing superannuation requirements
  • Leave entitlements and balances at a glance

Customers not paying?

  • See who owes how much and from how long ago on your dashboard for constant monitoring

How much is in the bank?

  • On your business dashboard, instant monitoring of bank accounts, debtors, creditors and other important information required i.e. GST liability

Got to pay your accounts?

  • Save time and money, your one stop shop to process payments for your creditors, no need to double up in your accounting software then process the payments through your bank account, save time and ensure accuracy by completing 1 process that ticks all the boxes

Bank balance not moving?

  • Business is profitable, do you understand where your cash is?

Accountant says I have a profit and a tax bill, but I don’t know where the money is!

  • Understanding where the profit has gone, or where it is ‘hiding’ is key to managing your business today and into the future, let us show you where it all goes and how you can make sure you hold onto more of the profit

How are we going on individual jobs? Are my staff working as hard as I need them to?

  • Understanding your job costing importance is imperative to building a profitable business
  • Ensuring your staff are performing as you have allowed for in your quoting, and if not, why not, is the corner stone to understanding your profitability or lack thereof.

My sales are down compared to last year

  • Who are your customers?
  • Where have they gone? Why are they not patronising your business?
  • Do we need to build relationships with our clients to ensure we are meeting their needs?
  • Which products/services sell the best/worst – why?

I can’t compete in the current environment

  • What is your business point of difference?
  • Why have clients patronised you in the past?
  • What is different compared to previous years?

Am I spending the right amount on marketing?

  • Which marketing platforms work best for your individual situation?
  • How do you reach your current and potential customers?
  • Is marketing an expense or an investment in your business?
  • What is your marketing strategy?
  • Do you consider advertising an asset or expense?