Business Health Check

Complete your business health check below.

Do you have a standard system or process for delivering your product or service?
Do your staff know what is expected in their position and are they working to your expectations?
Do you know what financial success looks like in your business? I.e. Do you have a budget and review it regularly?
Do your customers pay you on time? Do you have too much outstanding in account receivable?
Do you always have sufficient funds to pay all expenses when they are due?
Are you paying your suppliers on time? Can you meet your ATO Activity Statement payments?
Do you have work ‘on the horizon’? Do you understand the seasonality of your business?
Do you know where projects are up to? Do you keep your customers informed?
Are you actively seeking feedback? Or do you only find out about quality when you get complaint?
Do you know if your client expectations are being met?
Do you feel in control of the day-to-day activities your business undertakes? Are tasks planned, scheduled, prioritised
Do you have multiple suppliers and/or customers that your business relies on?
Are your staff happy at work, not just happy to get paid?
For the hours you work, do you receive a ‘decent’ wage? Is your business growing?
Do you have a plan for the next 12 months? Do you have a budget in place?