Dianna Weir

Dianna Weir

Business Adviser

Dianna is the extrovert behind the inception of the business. She has the view, “don’t give me a paint brush to paint a wall” that is not my area of expertise, just as Dianna is hopeless with a paintbrush, business owners should not expect to be 100% across their financial data.

Business Advisory is Dianna’s area of expertise, she is passionate about it.

For those wanting specifics, Dianna holds a Masters in Professional Accounting (JCU) and is a Member of CPA Australia . She spends her time between being a business development advisor and keeping up to date with the latest, greatest technology and apps available that help keep businesses alive and thriving.

Spending 15+ years in public practice, she has experience in a vast array of industries including retail, construction, real estate, primary production and lifestyle industry, her expertise has one focus, simplicity!

Her passion is simple:

  1. Use opportunities to make business streamlined and efficient
  2. Maximise your time and bottom line
  3. Complete steps 1 and 2 while making it simple (and a little fun along the way)

With a love for sports and coffee, during her time away from Intelligent Business Solutions you will find Dianna down the local coffee shop enjoying a great coffee – hold the sugar, out on the reef pulling in some coral trout or at a Cowboys home game.